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Thirst Films was formed by Graham Bradshaw, after a career in Feature Films and Television working in the Camera Department, it was time to start producing and directing his own projects.

Thirst Films has a key focus on quality and storytelling. Unlike many other promotional and corporate production companies, we learned our craft dealing with big-budget productions.


Why is Story so important? Nothing is more memorable than a well-told story; sticking in your client's mind is a much better idea than being forgotten, and a focus on Story can help.

Why are we called Thirst Films? A Thirst for exploration, pushing creative new boundaries, knowledge, or because of a Post-Punk song of the same name that we love? Well, lots of reasons. But one thing is for sure, we are always Thirsty to do, learn and be more!

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Cinematographer & Producer

George is an award-nominated Cinematographer having worked with Universal, BBC, Channel 4, Fulham FC, Jordan Fitness and many more. 
Skilled with all things Light and Lens George thrives with creating winning visuals that tell memorable stories.

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Screenwriter, Director, Cinematographer & Producer

Graham is an award-nominated Screenwriter and Director who, like George, started work in the film industry in the Camera Department but has since moved onto Screenwriting and Directing. Graham founded Thirst Films in 2019 and is still leading the team.

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